Have you seen Rapunzel there?

The new (great ) Disney movie Frozen features a great resemblance with another blockbuster I loved; Tangled.

That is not much of a surprise, makers are the same, and that explains how the heroines are so similar, why the reindeer Sven reminds a lot of the horse Max and why also the views, the surrounds and hystorical age where the story is located are so similar. Yet, many bloggers, reviewers, etc. pointed out how this could be a good example of parallel stories; the characters of both stories may actually live in the same world, in the same time. A bit like Batman and  Superman in their respective imaginary cities, or Spidey and DDevil in NY city.

Well, while watching some bits of the movie, reharsing the songs, here is that my daugther asks:”Have you seen Rapunzel there?”. I check again and there she is, visiting the friend/couisn/queen to be (as she also will be).

Nicely spotted dear .Well done at Disney, will wait for a crossover story/series:

frozen first time is forever

frozen: first time is forever

…at 02:59


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