Italian Movies Chapt. I: Movies that never get old

As the echoes of the oscar prizes aren’t fading away yet, I decided it could be worth to pool a gallery of picts of  Italian movies that have a sort of showbiz dimension, the ones produced with the international audience in mind:

olycom - grafici -


directed by the brit Michael Radford, based on a novel by the Chilean Antonio Skármeta, featuring Massimo Troisi, one of the greatest Italian actors of the last decades, and Philippe Noiret.

A poetic movie about poetry, that makes it universal.

The movie  was 5 times nominated for the Oscar prize,

including best movie, but that was the year of Bravehearth.

 Salvatores-Nirvana  1997

italo-french production. the Oscar prize winner Gabriele Salvatores (Mediterraneo) produces and directs one of the few Italian Science Fiction movies. It is the Matrix before the Matrix… in the cast Emmanuelle Seigner and 

Christopher Lambert

the highlander!!

MALENA Tornatore2000

the Oscar prize winner Giuseppe Tornatore (Nuovo Cinema Paradiso), very Italian atmposphere, maybe too much of a stereotype, but greatly assembled (Music, Photography, Screenplay, etc.) featuring

Monica Bellucci.

Actually, M. Bellucci may have become

appealing to the movie international star system from this movie on.

wall_2_1024 2004

a very strong Italian piece, but with 

Penélope Cruz

Very good movie,very sad, very good soundtrack.

the-pusuit-of-happyness 2006

a completely American  film  Directed by Gabriele Muccino

(remember this name for next chapters),

featuring the fresh prince 

Will Smith



Oscar prize Paolo Sorrentino directs

Sean Penn


 71-ZYRlS1tL._SL1209_ 2013

again from G. Salvatores, this time the cast is completely not Italian,

the script is form a Russian novel writer  

and the acting is all in English, guest start 

John Malkovich

John Malkovich!


written and directed by G. Tornatore, starring

Geoffrey Rush

(Shine, Shakspeare in love, and, ehm,  the Pirates of the Carribean)


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